Pushing Forward: Overcoming the Rudeness on Social Media

Well, I have never been as brave and courageous as I was yesterday. Yesterday, I boldly posted to a WhatsApp group page and  it felt okay, even though I knew someone will make comments I wouldn't like. Just like some of you out there, I have engaged in heated arguments with friends, because of what I posted or someone posted to a WhatsApp group. These friends make comments in groups to look down on you, some just want to make it impossible for you to post on the group chats. There are people who will use bad language when commenting on posts, even when they don't know who posted it. In some instance you may even insult your Reverend Minister, or someone older than you without knowing.

I know there are some people who will strongly disagree with me in many of my explanations, but you should know, that's what I have experienced. It is not about having unpleasant emotions in group pages. It is about dealing with those negative and denigrating comments that have the potential of making you feel less important. It is about how we can handle the negative comments our group members make on our WhatsApp platforms, without an idea those comments hurt the people it is directed to.

You see, when I said initially, that I have had to fight my friends who try to get me upset and angry, I basically meant that I had to put up with them in the groups. Now, let me ask you this question. Have you ever had to avoid doing something you knew was good, and yet you had to stop yourself from doing it, because someone in the group would try and say negative things about you or your post? if yes, then I guess you will now appreciate more about what I am expressing here.

As a humble, but yet critical young man, I had in many times held back good information from my friends on WhatsApp platforms, because, there were people in the group, who would always say something to get you angry and upset. Well, I am of the opinion that, they are not bad friends, though, they try to tease and make the worse jokes.

I have also observed that when such people make comments, you'll have to try and understand where they are coming from. Our failure to get the message from their perspective is what sometimes leads us to heated arguments that causes us to leave group chats. They can really really make you regret posting whatever you posted to the group. You could even end up regretting you joined the group. You should also know that whatever you put your mind to do, your failure to achieve it would stem from your thoughts. If you decide not to post to a group because of one or two people in the group, it shows you are afraid. It means you have caged yourself; you have placed a limitation or a barrier in your own way. And that will never help you to move forward.

Now, when it happens this way, you become discouraged. And anytime you have a very important piece of information that should be shared to the group, then all of a sudden you remember that friend in the group page. You would divert your focus and post it somewhere else. what this experience does to you is this; your inability to post to the group is a sign of fear, fear of that friend who would say the things you don't want to hear. Fear of getting insulted by the people you don't want to hear from.

Sometimes it just feels like the person had a grudge against you, and anytime you post something he/she would have to use that against you. Just don't be afraid to post to the group again and again and again, till he/she realises that you are not afraid anymore. when you stop posting to the group, you do a disservice to your other friends on the group. The good information you withhold from them is absolutely not the best choice, especially if your reason for not posting is because someone in the group doesn't like you posting to the group.

I am often told to create a broadcast list and share my information there. Yes, that is a good idea. But what if you wanted a nice discussion about that particular post? What if you wanted the opinion of all your friends on that group page? Will it be the same results you get by sending a broadcast message? I don't think so.

So, its a good idea to have a group, one that you can confidently and boldly share your thoughts and receive encouraging feedback. It is refreshing when you post something good and others like and give you thumbs up. It feels good, especially when you know you have done the right thing.

I am saying, do not be afraid or discouraged. Be confident in the good you are doing, and let that good information be shared to your friends without fear of anyone in that group. And try as much as possible to understand the negative comments, so that you will not be discouraged by them or respond in retaliation. We need sanity in all Social Media platforms.

"So let us not become tired of doing good; for if we do not give up, the time will come when we will reap the harvest."Gal 6:9

 Your comments are welcome. I am willing and ready to know your experiences with social media. 


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