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He who walks in Integrity Walks Securely. He who walks in integrity walks securely, But he who perverts his ways will be found out. Prov. 10:9 In the whole life of humanity, security is one such essential necessity that man cannot do without. It is what makes life enjoyable and pleasant. In the absence of security there is chaos and confusion. These threaten the life of man and his existence.  What then is integrity? And what does it mean for someone to be secured by walking in integrity? Well, the Oxford Dictionary defines integrity as;

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

These moral principles help us distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. These principles shape our character. Therefore, before we claim to be men and women of integrity, we must first examine ourselves under these firm moral principles. People who exhibit these principles are said to possess good moral characters. By definition, moral character is the existence or lack of virtue…


As a Christian, I have in times past thought when God created the world, he left it in the hands of man to manage it all alone. I thought God was too far from our reach. I did not know how close he was to us. Prayer, in my understanding was like a recitation of words that will yield some magical results. It was like, ‘each one for himself, God for us all’. I remember the times when you pray and for many days, and weeks you have no answer. You immediately tell yourself, “God is busy somewhere else, am not that important”. When these thoughts crossed my mind, I never knew it was the devils way of diverting my attention from the truth. The truth that God is closer than we think. That God is near, and knows our every thought, he knows how we feel and he sees even our tears. It finally became real, when I saw this verse, “I will not leave you as orphans” John 14:18 Our ability to comprehend what Christ implied in this scripture, can help us know how to live our lives as Christians. I belie…

Pushing Forward: Overcoming the Rudeness on Social Media

Well, I have never been as brave and courageous as I was yesterday. Yesterday, I boldly posted to a WhatsApp group page and  it felt okay, even though I knew someone will make comments I wouldn't like. Just like some of you out there, I have engaged in heated arguments with friends, because of what I posted or someone posted to a WhatsApp group. These friends make comments in groups to look down on you, some just want to make it impossible for you to post on the group chats. There are people who will use bad language when commenting on posts, even when they don't know who posted it. In some instance you may even insult your Reverend Minister, or someone older than you without knowing.

I know there are some people who will strongly disagree with me in many of my explanations, but you should know, that's what I have experienced. It is not about having unpleasant emotions in group pages. It is about dealing with those negative and denigrating comments that have the potential…